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Exploring Marcled: A Comprehensive Overview of Their LED Lighting Solutions

Marcled is a company specializing in LED solutions with a broad product range. They offer an array of sustainable lighting options that can help reduce your electrical bills. Here's what I found about their offerings:

  1. LED Strips / Tapes: Marcled provides a variety of LED strip lights. Some products I found were a 24VDC LED tape, warm white 2200K, 14.4W/m, 60LED/m, IP54, 5m (72W, 3000 LED), SMD5050, and a 12VDC LED tape, warm white 2200K, 4.8W/m, 60 LED/m, 1m, IP20, SMD3528. These lights are perfect for creative lighting solutions in your home or business.

  2. LED Drivers / Power Supplies: Marcled offers both constant current and constant voltage LED drivers and power supplies. These are essential components for powering LED lighting systems.

  3. LED Backlights and Wall/Ceiling Lamps: Marcled provides LED backlights and lamps for wall or ceiling installation. These can be used to enhance the lighting in a room or highlight specific areas.

  4. Gypsum Lamps: Marcled also sells gypsum lamps, though I wasn't able to find specific products in this category during my search.

  5. LED Bulbs and Lamps: Just like traditional bulbs but more energy-efficient, Marcled's LED bulbs can save a lot of energy. They also offer LED lamps designed to illuminate specific spots efficiently.

  6. LED Under Cabinet Lights: This is a unique category of products offered by Marcled. These lights are designed specifically to illuminate kitchen cabinets and similar spaces.

  7. LED Profiles: Marcled offers a wide range of LED profiles, including plaster-in LED profiles, floor profiles, wardrobe lighting profiles, bendable profiles, recessed LED profiles, and more. These can be used for various applications, including decorative lighting and accent lighting.

  8. Other Products: Marcled also provides a range of other LED-related products, such as dimmers, electronic transformers, and LED modules/sheets.

While I was able to gather a broad overview of their offerings, for more detailed product specifications, pricing, and availability, I would recommend reaching out to Marcled directly or visiting their website. If you need information on a specific product category or product, I can do another targeted search for you.

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